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In April 2013, in the Champions League semi-final between Dortmund and Real Madrid, Lewandre played a big four and completely became the protagonist of the game.


"Ah! Yes! I am very proud of this game. When you have such a performance against Real Madrid, you should be very proud. I remember that I feel very good. The third goal is my favorite. . I just want to do what I do best and score goals."


Levan has been doing this throughout his career. Because of the explosive performance of Ronaldo and Messi, it seems difficult for people to realize what Lewandone, who was in the same era with them, did.


Lewand is a very humble superstar, and being with him can make people gain a lot. When the player’s prestige and fans’ obsession with him reach a certain level, this may distort their roles. But Levan has a very determined heart. He attributes his strength to eating steak for breakfast instead of cake, which is a novelty.


After joining Bayern in 2015, Lewand had already lost three times in the Champions League semi-finals. Before winning the Champions League with a full victory this year, Bayern had previously lost to Liverpool led by Klopp in the quarter-finals. In this regard, Lewand said that if he transfers to a Premier League team, this situation should be changed. Now, 32-year-old Levan has gray spots on his dark hair. Now he lives happily in Bavaria with his wife Anna and young daughter Clara, and Anna’s second child has been born.


In April 2010, Lewand almost joined Blackburn. Two years later, Manchester United also showed a very serious attitude towards him. In this regard, Lewand recalled: "It is difficult to say when I will move to the UK, but this is something that can happen every year. I remember the closest time, Sir Ferguson called me, I can understand him. Accent? Of course! His accent is not bad! Two years after joining Dortmund, I spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson on the phone. At that time I really thought about joining Manchester United. For a young player, This is an incredible thing. It was a very special day for me. After that, I talked to Dort and they rejected me. This is the whole story."


Ferguson noticed that Lewand had scored 30 goals in the Bundesliga to help Dortmund regain his title, and this young striker was trained by Klopp. Now, Lewand and Klopp are still in touch. If Liverpool can win the Premier League title, Lewand will give his old coach some gifts.


Unexpectedly, Lewand had also used his stunts to "squeeze" Klopp. "We bet that if I can score 10 goals in training sessions, Klopp will give me 50 euros. I remember the first In the training session, I scored 3 goals or 4 goals. The following training sessions I scored 7-8 goals. Three months later? I scored more than 10 goals in each training session. How many After a week, Klopp couldn’t take it anymore. He said to me: “I won’t give you more money! This is too much for me. I won’t give you any more money!” This is what I focus on Part of the mentality of training. This is very helpful to me. On the other hand, it is also very helpful to me. Before I met Klopp, I had a big problem with my body language."

出乎意料的是,勒万德还利用他的特技“挤压”了克洛普。 “我们敢打赌,如果我能在训练课上打进10球,克洛普会给我50欧元。我记得第一场训练课,我打进3球或4球。接下来的训练课亚搏网页登陆我打进7-8球。三几个月后,我在每个培训课程中打进了10多个目标。一周后,克洛普(Klopp)再也忍不住了。他对我说:“我不会给你更多的钱!这对我来说太多了。我不会再给你钱了!”这是我训练心态的一部分。这对我非常有帮助。另一方面,这对我也有帮助。在认识克洛普之前,我的肢体语言有很大的问题。”

"He told me that sometimes he didn't know if I was angry or happy. No matter what happened, my body language was the same. Klopp said: "Sometimes you have to feel angry! Sometimes your movements are more Expressiveness!' I had to make a change. This is the story of playing under Klopp."


Likewise, Lewand’s respect for former Bayern Guardiola is also obvious. If Klopp helped Lewan become a killer, then Guardiola showed him how to assassinate his opponent in the most elegant and ruthless way.


In his first season for Guashuai, Lewand scored 25 goals. After that, his season goals reached 42, 43, 41 and 40, which also proved why Lewandable can be compared to the German legend Ged Müller. "Everyone can learn from Guardiola, not only skills and tactics, but also how to become a better player and know where to go."

勒万德在瓜斯怀的第一个赛季就攻入25球。之后,他的赛季进球数达到了42、43、41和40,这也证明了为什么Lewandable可以与德国传奇人物GedMüller进行比较。 “每个人都可以向瓜迪奥拉学习,不仅可以学习技巧和战术,还可以学习如何成为一个更好的球员并知道该去哪里。”

These made Lewandha from a good player to a great player.


"The preparations you do are vital. Now in football, everyone knows your tactics and your running with and without the ball. That's why you have to work hard to find something that can help Your stuff. So you train your brain to focus, just like in school. I do this exercise on the computer to exercise my concentration. I don’t look at my phone to see what is happening. Your mind must be highly concentrated. Your brain can get important information from what you do before the game. It doesn't matter what I do, I just want to be better."


The longer he spends with Lewandino, the more he will feel that his performance to beat Real Madrid on his own on the crazy night seven years ago is the reward he deserves. Now Lewan, who holds the Champions League champion and UEFA Player of the Year, can finally become the focus of the spotlight.


"I'm the kind of player who will always try. I've never been a player who is afraid of something. Whether it is for myself or for other teams. I hope to be able to do something very special. Players. Sometimes you have to stand still and wait for the football. If Rini can only get one chance in 90 minutes, then you have to be prepared. But I would say:'I want to be part of the team and the game , I want to run, I want to pass the ball, not just stand in place and wait for the football to come'. That’s why I always look for space and my teammates on the field. I can still do anything. I still What do you want to do? Maybe it's a long shot."


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